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Mrs Freas
You know, I haven't known some of you long, some of you im closer… 
21st-May-2012 08:35 pm

You know, I haven't known some of you long, some of you im closer with than others and it's ok cause I adore you all....but to my girls who have been around since practically day I loveeeee you! I turn to my lj for everything in my life, when I posted about moms bday missa, Ashley & Jess commented and you all brought up something about my mom that touched me cause you have been with me through it all! The low low times in my life through miscarriages with jack, my mom, and through the joys of kade & my life now and I just wanted to thank you girls, I love you each for very special reasons and I hope that I can make you all feel the same way and grow more bonds with the newer people on my list <3

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Location US, West Virginia, Kanawha, Lower Dr
22nd-May-2012 12:39 am (UTC)
I love you sweetie. ♥ You know we'll always be here for you. Even if you suck at updating (like I have any room to talk). It's amazing to watch everyone grow up and become something more than a teen who blogs on livejournal.

Look at us, half of us are mommys now, or getting married, or have been through hell and back. But we've always had each other to help keep us strong. ♥
22nd-May-2012 12:41 am (UTC)
Awww. *sniffles*
What a sweet post. ♥
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